Too much Power?

Ashleigh Lynn

What is wrong with the Catholic Church?

Selling indulgences? Having power over us all? Being overly rich? These all sound like the church. Shouldn't we be earning our way into heaven and not buying our way? Shouldn't the church be more concerned about getting us our salvation and not getting their money? Why do they have so much power over us? Something must be wrong with this.

Buy our way to salvation?

Indulgences. You've heard of them and you've seen them around town. You may have one yourself, but why do they even exist? To give us salvation? So we can get into heaven? Why should we have to BUY our way into heaven? Getting to heaven should be through our faith not the money in our pockets. I believe the church is using us for our money. They don't really care about getting us to heaven! All they care about is money. Let's take a stand against the church and get rid of indulgences and show them that we can earn salvation through our faith and not by buying little sheets of paper with words on them!

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