Recycling Metal

By: Ashley Jones


In this project I have learn many things about recycling metal. It has compared many things to today and World War 2. I have many things, here are some cool things that I thought were interesting during my research.
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Did you Know

Did you know that back when World War 2 first started the U.S. saved so much metal it was able to build 2 warships.

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Facts about Metal in World War 2

  • Back during World War 2 the U.S. had a scrap drive, were they would take all there metal and give it to the U.S. army to build plans, tanks and more.
  • A tank takes 18million tons of metal to build 1 tank.
  • Kids who lived on farms had to give their metal toys to the War.
  • People would remove their bombers on their tractors and cars to give to the War.
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20th Century

Today we use metal very different then we did in World War 2.
  • Today we recycle metal to save energy.
  • If you save 8 tons of aluminum metal it will give you 14 megawatts of electricity.
  • We collect metals now to get valuable metal inside electronics like phones and computers.
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There are many comparisons and difference from each time periods and many more you can research. You are the one that can help by recycling, but it is your choice.