DRPU Barcode Generator Software

Design linear, 2D and QR barcodes for products

DRPU Software: To Control Business Inventory

Nowadays barcodes are in great demand in small to large scale business industries due to its various benefits in Business Inventory management. Barcodes are commonly used in Retail, Manufacturing, Packaging and Distribution Industries and in Post office and banking zone. Barcodes rapidity up the business transaction and reduce all manual Data entry work that eliminates human error in managing business Inventory.

In These days barcodes are very useful in various sectors like warehousing, post office, packaging, inventory, retail, corporate business etc. So now control business inventory by using barcodes system in a very simple. A barcode system helps keep a business inventory system organized and running smoothly. Barcode systems also help business owner’s track products sold and at what prices they are being sold.

Various features of Software:

  • Supports Linear or 2D and QR barcode labels.
  • PDF Properties like set PDF rows, PDF coloumn, PDF Xto y ratio and many other properties.
  • Email facility to send barcode labels to a specific Email id.
  • Color settings includs barcodes color, header, footer and barcode value for setting according to your needs.
  • Images settings set clcipbord image type, image DPI and orientation.
  • Option to set header margin, left/right margin, value margin, caracter grouping.

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BarcodeFor.us is an Information Technology based company that provides many kinds of Barcode Designer Software, these are widely used and appreciated at worldwide. Company is occupied in developing interactive barcode applications which are usually used in multiple sectors like manufacturing, publishing, healthcare, packaging, post office, retail etc to print desired barcode labels in perfect shapes and colors.

Our Major Products are:

Barcode Generator - Corporate Edition

Barcode Generator for Packaging Supply

Barcode Generator - Professional

Barcode Generator for Publishing Industry

Barcode Generator – Standard Edition

Barcode Generator for Inventory Control

Barcode Generator for Mac

Barcode Generator for Manufacturing Industry

Barcode Generator for Post Office

Barcode Generator for Healthcare Industry