Comparing Countries in 2040

What will Canada look like in 2040 compared to Greece?


It is important to know what your country will look like demographically in a couple of years. Sometimes your country is better than others but other times it's vice versa. In this Smore you will see how Canada will compare demographically to Greece in 2040. A lot of things can change in 26 years; developing countries can be more civilized, immigrants from a certain country might not immigrate as much, population differs and the death rates could be higher or lower. To see what Canada and Greece will look like in 2040, continue!

Immigration in Canada

Technology is increasing day by day, however, other 3rd world countries do not have such privileges. But if the UN's goal accomplishes and the production of food increases, many immigrants might choose to stay in their own country. However, if a crisis like world war 3 occurs, we might get even more immigrants. Likewise, if a country is at civil war, Canada might even get more immigrants. Knowing this, Canada's goal is to have more economic immigrants that can become citizens and not just emigrate from Canada after a certain amount of time. If this does happen, this might gain Canada more immigrants and at the same time it might not.

Immigration In Greece

Currently, the amount of immigrants in Greece is 8.4% of the total population. Although Greece is a developed country, a lot of it's areas are corrupt and the immigration isn't all too great. But aside from this, Greece is developing faster and faster. If this process continues, then the immigration will proceed to a greater number as well.

Emigration in Canada

Emigration in Canada is already low. Since Canada is a developed country, and has excellent health care, it attracts more immigrants and has less emigrants. The process will continue into 2040 as the emigrants are decreasing all the time.

Emigration in Greece

Compared to present time, the emigration in Greece is sophisticated. Right now, emigrating from Greece is a very hard process. A lot of people wanting to leave the country have no choice but to stay. However, Greece is already working on this, and by 2040, the emigration will be an easier process. All things considered, Greece will lose a lot of residents, but if the economic growth continues, Greece will also gain a lot of immigrants.

Birth Rates in Canada

As it seems, birth rates in Canada have been deceasing. In the next 26 years, it might as well decrease more. This cannot be too good for the country because this will leave less jobs to be taken and the progress in any industry might be slower, which might cause pressure in businesses.

Birth Rates in Greece

When it comes to birth rates Canada and Greece have a lot in common. The birth rate in Greece is already quite low, and this won't change in 2040. In 2040, the birth rate is around 1.26 children per woman, which is not more than Canada's.

Life Expectancy In Canada

life expectancy however will stay fairly moderate. The health care is getting better all the time but the life expectancy will only increase by a few years. The life expectancy in 2040 will be around 84 years. This is only changing by a few years since the life expectancy most recently recorded in 2012 was 81.24. In 2010, the life expectancy of Males in Ontario was 79 years, while the life expectancy for Females in Ontario was 84. In conclusion, the life expectancy is only increasing by 2.76 years.

Life Expectancy in Greece

Right now, the life expectancy in Greece is 83 years. 2040 won't differ greatly from right now. In 2040, the life expectancy will be 82.73, so rounded off, it will again be 83 years. In this category, Greece doesn't seem to improve, nor retreat.

Death Rates in Canada

In Canada the death rates are continuously decreasing. This is because of the improving health conditions. By 2040, the death rates will be even less, but since the birth rates are also decreasing this could be bad for the population. If the health care continues to improve, then in 2040, the death rates would be around 11.95 people per 1000.

Death Rates in Greece

Per 1000 births, in 2040, Greece will experience 3.69 deaths. The number of deaths is decreasing dramatically, because as of now, the number of deaths per 1000 people is 10.51 deaths. This is just one example of Greece's fast advance in a more develop country.