School Uniforms

The solution to violance


Usually when you see someone uniform on a student, they go to a private school. Now, they could be going to a public school. More and more schools are adopting uniforms in order to keep their school under control. Uniforms have been known to reduce violence and all together form to make a safer community. Kids and teens walk around wearing whatever they want but they don't know it affects others. People are bullied and killed just for clothes they wear. Uniforms are a way to solve this.


Uniforms should be put in all schools to get gang colors and violence out, and conceal the income of low income families, while making it cheaper.

First, uniforms can reduce gang violence in schools. Gangs usually have a certain color or logo. Students can wear these things with out even knowing. ("School Uniforms"). Students have been injured or killed for wearing the wrong color or logo. Another reason related to gang violence is that kids wear baggy clothing to hide guns, weapons, and drugs. If uniforms are put in schools, all kids will be wearing the same thing. Logos and certain colors can be completely taken out of schools.
Opponents say that parents can buy clothes for cheap at thrift stores and give kids hand-me-downs. If they use uniforms they can't do any of this. Also, they would have to pay an expensive initial cost for uniforms. ("School Dress Codes and Uniform Policies"). It is proven that the initial cost for a uniform is just as much as buying clothes every week. Uniforms buyers say that uniforms are inexpensive and help level out the differences in income. ("School Uniforms"). Children want to keep up with the latest fashion update every week. With uniforms, parents would not have to keep buying clothes every week. Thus, low income families will be less easy to spot just by their clothes.
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Second, uniforms can conceal the income of families. You can tell a lot about a person from the clothes they wear. Kids are always bullied for this. If they are seen wearing a shirt too small or big, old stained jeans, or torn shoes, they will get bullied and criticized. With uniforms, all kids will be wearing the same thing so you can't tell how much their family makes. Also, You only have to buy one or two uniforms a year, so costs for clothes will be a lot cheaper. You buy the uniforms and you are done, but with regular clothes, it's a new pair of pants, or a new shirt that just came out and so on.

Call To Action

In conclusion, uniforms should be put in all schools to help conceal the incomes of families and keep gang violence out of schools. You need to do anything you can to get this to be put in action because this can decrease violence, bullying, and increase attendance. Let kids have and easy time in school so that kids can succeed in life. students will be more relaxed if they know that they are safe in school. This can save America.

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