Wind Turbines as a "median"

Renewable energy on the highway

Have you ever wondered if your cities and highways could make free energy just by driving?

If you have seen the median on highways and felt like it may need something then look no further!. My idea is to use the free wind energy that is produced by the cars driving by and have savonious wind turbines catch it to transfer it to electrcity.

The Problem

Which would generate the most electricity, no funnels, flat funnels, or curved funnels?


If curved funnels are used, then there will be more electricity can be created.

My experiment.

I simulated a 4 lane highway by creating a short track of road. this track was 1 quarter mile long and had the width deminsions of a 4 lane highway. I placed each turbine assembly 10 feet apart precisely in the middle of the median. For the tests involving wind funnels, I placed them on the edges closest to the roads of the median and inbetween each turbine assembly.

The data collected is shown here

My conclusion

After I completed my experiment, it was determined that the straight funnel performed the best overall. although it performed it perfrmed its best at high speeds, not having any funnels had the most electricity at low windspeeds