Drones and Their Uses

Are they always the solution

What I learned

I learned that drones are going o be the next big military thing, Countries are already using them. The U.S.,Britain and isareal are the only countries that have shot missles out of drones. Other countries use them for survalince. Drones aren't only used for warfare though. Drones don't only have to be used for lethal proposes. They can be used for surveillance and other spy like activities. But can we limit the use of drones? If we limit the use of drones we would possible put our army at risk of a disadvantage. This would put us at a disadvantage because all of the other countries would be using these drones and we wouldn't have the advantage of a UAV.

Why people don't like drones

People don't like drones because of the big privacy issue. There could be a drone that could be spying on other people.