by julia edwards and nikole cruz

meiosis facts

-meiosis is the type of cell division i which sex cells are produced.**one parent cell produces four daughter cell.****daughter cells have half the number of chromosomes found in the original parent cell.****during meiosis, DNA replicates  once and the nucleus replicates twice.**~first division of meiosis:*prophase 1: each chromosomes duplicates and remains closly associated. these are called sister chromatids.**metaphase 1: chromosomes align at the center of the cell.**anaphase 1: chromosome pairs seperate with sister chromatids reamaining together.**telophase 1: two daughter cells are formed with each daughter containing only one chromosome of the chromosomr pair.*                                                                   division 2-prophase 2: DNA does not replicate.--metaphase 2: chromosomes line up at the center of the cell.--anaphase 2: centromeres divide and sister chromatids move seperate to each pole.--telaphase 2: cell division is complete.