Pancho Villa

a Biography by:Guadalupe Flores

Basic information

Pancho Villa was a military leader of the Mexican Revolution. he was born on June 7, 1878 in San Juan Del Rio,Durango, Mexico. he was assassinated on June 20, 1923 in Parral, Mexico :(

Early Childhood

When Pancho Villa's father died he was 15 years old. he once become the head of the household he had t work to pay for the food so that they could eat. in 1894 he shot a man who was harassing with one of his sisters he shot the man because he was the protector of the household. Now he is the man of the house i think that he is going to have to work to get food for his family so as you can see he had to work so young and hard to take care of a big family.!!

interesting facts

some interesting facts about Pancho Villa is that he was a military

he was the most wanted man in America and Mexico he was wanted dead or alive and the reward was going to be a 5,000.00 dollars who ever found him and his name is not Pancho Villa that is what they call him his real name is Doroteo Arango but his full name is josè doroteo arango Arámbula

Why I Chose him

I chose Pancho Villa is because he is such a brave guy he fought in a lot of places he fought so hard just to get freedom he is kinda as my hero for Mexico and he is very popular in mexico and he fought at the American revolution or something like that