Neolithic Revolution

Cloey Ramirez

When,Where and Why & The First Crops & The First Farm Animals

I bet we all know what the word "Revolution" means, right? Well it means a wide-spread change of life which is what happened to people when they stopped hunting and started farming in the "Neolithic Revolution." This happened over thousands of years ago, which is a long time ago (of course) so you can tell this did not happen quickly. Well we all know that not everybody stayed in the same place because other people moved region to region. So technically ,it was like they were "migrating," but others settled down in the "Fertile Crescent." The Fertile Crescent is a region in the Middle East, and just eleven thousand to fourteen thousand (11,000-14,000) years ago they farmed.Women were most likely the first farmers because they saw patterns in the ground and went back everyday to learn, soon they started farming by themselves while men still went hunting for food (meat). Also the bigger the farming got, the bigger the civilization did. Another fact is, people stored their crops by putting them in buildings. In "India" they grew Barley and Wheat, in the "Middle East" they grew Figs,Lentils and Rye. And last but not least in "China" they grew Millet and Rice.Farmers yielded the most grain per plant, then they would store seeds to plant the following year. Some other words or facts are also called "Domestication" and that means to change the behavior of plants & animals or another meaning would be a population of living organisms. People used to domesticate animals about ten thousand (10,000) years ago for food,clothes,tools and much more. They used to domesticate "Mammoths,""Bulls" and other animals to. When the time came upwards a little more, there came animals easier and smaller to kill. They could make their behavior better and they had a good diet that was plant-based. The domestication of animals changed society, because dogs were the first animals to be domesticated, and then dogs were descended by wolves. These animals were used to tame and breed. Then packs of animals started hunting, which led people to rich food sources and they also kept the heard near human settlements. Goats and Sheep were the first farm animals to be domesticated, yet they helped by providing wool, hides, milk and manure. Then cattle came and helped with labor in the fields, and they were known as "The Beast of Burden." Because fewer people were needed in the fields, they could specialize in other trades like tool making, military,buildings shopping and much more. Also animals could do more work quickly and for longer periods of time. Domestication altered (change) the conditions humans needed to survive. Some people or historians as we call them, did believe that making supply of wild grain led to farming. Instead of hunting , people could farm and raise animals and produce a surplus of foods. So you can tell domestication helped to set the stage for the growth of cites. So a little upwards in time again they started 'Irrigation" which means they learned how to control the flood. They could get water when they needed it and to let it go to the fields for the food or plants to get water by using a "Levee" and "Canals."

So in the Neolithic Revolution many things happened like farming, animals in general and helping people, and on top of that Irrigation. This all tells us interesting facts we never knew ,which makes it unique and without these people discovering these things we would have never knew, and this is what happened in the

" Neolithic Revolution. "

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