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Vol. 3 Week of August 30-September 3


Tiger Families,

It's been a great first 2 weeks of school. We have had more growth than expected and are currently in the process of hiring additional staff to reduce some of our large class sizes. With that being said it could affect your child's schedule once we begin leveling classes. Your child will be notified by the counselor if they do get a schedule change. Thank you for your understanding as we work to ensure the best for all our students.

Your Tiger Admin Team


It's not too late to join our PTO. If you have not joined and would like to, please CLICK HERE.

PTO is a great way to partner with our school in an effort to support both staff and students.

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911 Remembrance Program

Join Grand Lakes JH and our LOTC Cadets as we honor those who lost their lives on September 11th, 2001 with a flag-raising and wreath-laying ceremony. CLICK HERE to view ceremony details.
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Car Rider Line Reminders

School personal does not need to wave you in the parking lot to start making lines.

* Please do not stop at the front of the school to drop off/pick up your child. In order to maximize the number of cars we can fit in the car rider line it is important for you to pull all the way up to the curb that is going back out to the main road.

* In the afternoon the car rider line starts to fill up early. When the cars fill up all the way to the STAR as indicated on the map begin using the Grand Oaks parking lot. This prevents cars from blocking and backing up Cypress Rosehill.

* Fill up the first row in the Grand Oaks parking lot, once that is filed proceed to the next row, then the next etc.

* As a reminder, leave the entrances to the Grand Oaks parking lots open because there are times when elementary parents are trying to get to their school to check out a student early or drop something off.

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  • You will leave the item(s) with Ms. Castro our front desk receptionist and she will put it in the grade level bin at the front desk for students to retrieve.
  • When dropping off items for your child, please make sure you have communicated with your child that the item(s) have been dropped off.
  • In order to maximize instruction and limit disruption in the classroom, we will not call students out of class to get their items.
  • It is the student's responsibility to come to the front office during transition time, lunchtime, or with teacher permission to retrieve their items.
  • Please make sure that your child's first and last name is on the item(s) you are dropping off to them.
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We are seeing lots of students on cell phones in the hallways. Please review the junior high cell phone policy with your child. CLICK HERE to read about the junior high cell phone policy on page 52 of the Student Handbook.

  • Cell phones shall remain silenced and in a backpack, locker, or secure area unless the classroom teacher authorizes use for instructional purposes.
  • Cell phones shall not be used between class periods.
  • Cell phones may be used before and after school and during lunch, as long as students follow TISD acceptable use guidelines

1st time a phone gets picked up- Warning- The phone is turned in to the front office and the student may pick it up after school.

2nd time a phone gets picked up- The phone is turned into the front office and there is a $15 fee that must be paid before the student can pick up the phone.

3rd time and beyond a phone gets picked up- The phone is turned into the front office and there is a $15 fee that must be paid. The parent must pick up the phone.

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Dress Code

If you have not had a chance to visit the Student Handbook and discuss the dress code with your child, please do so. We will begin having students call home next week for a change of clothes if they are out of the dress code. If students have athletics 1st or 2nd period and come in athletic shorts that do not follow dress code, they need to wear joggers or shorts within dress code over the top.

Click Here and refer to page 50 in the Student Handbook in regards to the student dress code.
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We would like to give a shout-out to four of our 8th-grade students for exhibiting strong character by helping our custodians pick up the cafeteria trash after lunch. They exhibited respect, kindness, selflessness, and responsibility. These AMAZING boys are Noah, Robert, Benjamin, and Tobey. We are proud to have you representing our Tiger family!


See a few important things happening in September.

Come out and support boys and girls athletics. Games are at 4:30 and 5:30

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