Going to school, Teachers, Students.

Going to school

Going to school for some people is fun, But not for me. In the beginning of the year my grades were okay. Now it’s the worst they have ever been. The good thing is I have all of my friends here, I even met some new this year, and now we are best friends. I had to meet new teachers.


The Teachers at our school can have some voice on them if the class is being disrespectful. Other than them going all Soloman Grundy on us for a bit their, most of the teachers are pretty cool. The teachers at our school sometimes get off topic and tell us stories. And I think every student can agree that they like it when the teachers tell us stories. We do get a decent amount of homework to do, But it's never fun to do


Making friends can be hard, especially for me. But so far this year I have made a group of friends. I'm really happy when I see them. There are some students can be very annoying, or that I don't like in some of my classes. but at least in every one of my classes I have at least one of my best friends.