Real-World Applications

Ways that I will use Computer Tech Skills


I know for a fact that I will use the things that I have learned all of the time next school year, and all through high school! From presentations in science, to writing essays and reports in English and geography, I will put these skills to the test!


If you have a job in the marketing business, or any job that requires you to present things, you will need to be able to make good presentations. Also, if you want to be a teacher, like me, you should be able to do what you expect your students to turn in.

Everyday Life

I think the thing you would use the most in everyday life is spreadsheets. I know that my dad uses spreadsheets all of the time to keep track of things like our bank accounts, house payments, and even our lunch money. It's very effective, and knowing how to use a spreadsheet makes it so much easier.