Ha Long Bay

SHEEPT Analysis: By Caitlin Rohr


Ha Long Bay is a very popular tourist destination. For a long time the distinct natural beauty of Ha Long Bay has been the object of inspiration for many famous Vietnamese poets who cruised the Bay. the island of Ha Long now only 40 islands are inhabited. Population in the bay today about 1,540 people, mainly in the fishing village of Cua Van, Ba Hang, the pair (Hung Thang Ward, Ha Long city).


There are both an ocean and seashore bio-systems and a tropical evergreen bio-system in this region.


There are nearly two thousand tall, rocky islands located in the bay. The unique islands are formed of limestone and schist. It has an area of roughly 1500 square kilometres (579 square miles) it is located on the northeast coast of Vietnam in the Gulf of Tonkin.Halong Bay also hosts offshore coral reefs, freshwater swamp forests and mangrove forests.


Ha Long Bay has very good wastewater treatment technology in it and this filters all of there wastewater so it can be reused for certain things. Ha Long Bay has very good preservation Technology for its beautiful natural environment and old buildings and temples.