What Does it Mean to be Invisible?

How can you raise awareness about the invisible population?

The Ciruit

Panchito and his family are definitely invisible for many different reasons.

  • They don’t stay in one place for very long, they stay for however long the fruit or vegetable season is, (Jimenez, 66-67).

  • Later in the book when Papá whispered loudly, “Here comes the school bus”. Then Panchito and his older brother Roberto hid into the vineyard without any hesitation, (Jimenez, 69). This shows that they have to hide from the school bus often.

  • Even though when Panchito goes to school he becomes a little bit less invisible because he friends his teacher, he still hasn’t really made any friends his own age. (Jimenez, 71).
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Things Not Seen

Even though Bobby is actually invisible and you can’t see him he’s invisible in more than one way.

  • Before Bobby actually became invisible his parents treated him like he was. They ignored him and never hung out and spent time with him, (Clements, 19).

  • Once Bobby actually became invisible they finally started to pay a little bit more attention to him but still left him home alone and said to call if their was an emergency, (Clements, 19).

  • The Save Bobby Phillips Committee doesn’t really let Bobby converse with the group to help him get back to normal, “So he learned the hard way that he can’t depend on the committee to solve all his problems”, (Clements, 114).
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Homeless Children (Article 1)

Homeless children is actually probably a bigger problem than you might think.

  • The director of National Center on Family Homelessness (NCFH) said, “Child homelessness has reached epidemic proportions”, yet the nation is yet to make it a priority, (Child Homelessness).

  • Since the HUD’s definition of “Homeless” excludes over one million homeless children it makes it extremely difficult for the government to use state money to help them, (Child Homelessness).

  • Most of the children that are homeless can’t get the proper necessities that they need from the shelters such as food assistance and counseling to control the trauma of being homeless, (Child Homelessness).
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What Does it Actually Mean to be Invisible?

It means to be invisible is to not be seen but that can be interpreted in different ways. There is the physically invisible and the mentally or emotionally invisible. The mentally or emotionally type is when you are treated like your invisible and are ignored or not taken into consideration. That is basically how Bobby feels almost throughout the entire Things Not Seen book. Some ways you can raise awareness about the invisible population is by making videos, make public speeches and go to your town meetings and attempt to go up to state and possible country, make flyers of some sort, you could also start a charity or a shelter for the homeless and less fortunate.


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