By: Aubrey Chesna


Geography- In Austria there are many mountains and hills everywhere. If you are planning on staying in a hotel you will probably be on a mountain with a beautiful view of the huge mountains and the skiers and snowboarders.

The picture is of the beautiful mountains in Austria.

Religion- Austria is religious freedom, so you can practice whatever religion you want. The most popular religion in Austria is Roman Catholic and Protestant. 73.6 of Austria's people are Roman Catholic.

The picture is of a graph of the most common religions in Austria.

Achievements-Austria has lots of achievements. The very famous movie "Sound of Music" was produced in Austria. Another achievement is a very famous man named Albert Einstein was Austrian and he was one of the smartest people in the world. The last achievement that was my favorite was an Austrian named Eduard Haas invented PEZ.

The picture is of the very famous actress Julie Andrews.

Politics-In Austria there currency is euros and they have 5 dollar bills,10 dollar bills,20 dollar bills,50 dollar bills,100 dollar bills,200 dollar bills and 500 dollar bills!

Austria's president is Heinz Fischer. In Austria you can vote for whoever you want as your president and everyone can vote.

Economy- Everyone in Austria who owns a house must pay taxes. Austrians use euros to pay for everything. Austria is not rich or poor they are middle class. They have invented many things to help benefit the country.
Style of living- In Austria there style of living is very different than Americas. For example there clothing is very different.


American girls: they where shorts,jeans and leggings and high heels and crop tops.

Austrian girls: they where button up dresses.


American boys: they where Nike shorts,tee shirts and Jordan's.

Austrian boys: they where white shirts, khakis and suspenders.

Thank you for reading this Smore by Aubrey Chesna