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All the nummie cravings with a feathered friend

Have you ever wanted something a little more than a sit down, chill session with your beautiful cup of hot coffee? Well here's your chance! Sassafras is the café for you! Providing owls during coffee sessions, hands people the chance to experience a new type of relaxation, while giving hands on knowledge about one of the most beautiful creatures of nature. Raising awareness of the protection of owls is one of the goals we incorporate into this café, and while we do it, we will be creating the most nummy, pastry art for you!
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Blandford Nature Center

Our business has owls within this cafe to bring awareness to the need of keeping up natural parks and to help educate the people of how important it is to keep them within the community and how it benefits not just us as a community but also the earth. 5% of all our proceeds will go to nature preserves to help them take care of wild animals and to keep out with invasive species within out community.


If you are willing to apply to such an enjoyable occupation, the requirements are not cut-off based standards.

Barista: High school diploma, latte making skills, basic pastry baking skills, friendly attitude, basic understanding of animals.

Owl Supervisor: Associates in veterinarian studies (or bird centered majors), very flexible attitude, quick reactions towards trouble, calm attitude in pressure.

Manager: Associates in business or culinary arts, flexible and friendly attitudes, accounting experience, basic understanding of owls and café history, and critical organizational skills

Resources in need

Natural resources such as wheat for the flour, sugar for the sweetness, food coloring to make our bakery pop, basic machinery items such as an espresso machine, cash register, computer for keeping track of money and finances, 5 (minimum) owls and their trainers, and other pastry needs will be needed in order to make this operation a success.

Thanks to our partners and supporters!

This exquisite café could not be created without the help of the government, private investors, and partnering companies such as Biggby, Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, and Silverberry Café.

Come swing on by!

We are open on the following date and times:
Monday-Friday: 8am-10pm

Saturday: 9am-11pm

Sunday: CLOSED