Miep Gies

Anne Frank's Hero

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Miep Gies

Everyone says I was an amazing woman. I knew death was the price of hiding Jews, but I did it anyway. Here is some of my life.

I was born a German-Roman catholic woman. My parents were too poor to keep me. I went to Amsterdam and lived with a family Leiden. I grew up to be a secretary to a Jew, Otto Frank. When the Holocaust came all Jews were forced into concentration camps. I couldn't let that happen to Otto, his two girls, and his wife. I hid them behind a moving bookcase in the office. The Annex, as they called it was their home for almost two years until that day when they were betrayed. The betrayer remains unknown to this day. They invaded my office and found the moving bookcase to the Annex. I pleaded for my life with the head officer and somehow I was allowed to live. They took every last Jew and left. Later on I found Anne's diary that I had given her. I refused to open it until her father escaped and came back. He told me some sad news. Anne, her sister, and her mother had died in a concentration camp. We still refuse to give out the betrayers name, but I published Anne's diary and I think it touched your heart as it did mine. I died later in a nursing home in 2010. My memory will live on forever.

Miep Gies talks about why she helped