Elasticode / Content Manager

Love mobile? Join us to write about it!

What do we do?

Elasticode brings personalized application interaction to users. We allow organizations to dynamically and flexibly change their applications to suit the demographics of individual classes of users. Instead of simply testing and reporting, Elasticode closes the loop between customer usage patterns, demographics and the application experience itself.

What are we looking for in this role?

If you have a passion for the mobile world and the ability to write about it,

We would love to meet you for a unique position that includes:

  • Writing about trends and shifts in mobile
  • Share insights from our research team
  • Manage unique micro blog about mobile experiences
  • And ... more ...

We don't call them responsibilities, we call it Fun!

Where? This position is in the Tel aviv, Israel Office

What is expected out of you?

  • Love mobile! Not kidding :) you should really have a passion for this world
  • English writing and speaking ( Native or high end ) - all posts are in English
  • Experience in content creation - at least one year
  • Technical experience - Advantage
  • Dash of geekiness - Advantage
  • Previous work with CMS ( like Wordpress ) - Advantage
  • Social network engagement understanding ( Facebook a must, Twitter - Advantage )

Relevant? Send Your CV to Jobs@Elasticode.com