Cons of Nuclear Energy

by: katie movick

Why Is Nuclear Energy Bad?

  • There is no safe way to dispose of nuclear waste
  • Uranium is a non-renewable resources so this form of energy isn't permanent
  • The nuclear plants are a very large target for terrorists
  • The nuclear waste produced can be used for things like nuclear weapons

How Nuclear Energy Affects The Environment

  • uses lots of water for the purpose of cooling the nuclear reactors
  • high amounts of carbon dioxide (which cause greenhouse gases) are emitted when building and running the nuclear plants
  • Also the process of mining uranium releases high amounts of greenhouse gases into the air
  • People who live near the power plants have been shown to have an increased rate of cancer

Safety Risks of Nuclear Energy

  • their have been 3 major reactor accidents in the history of civil nuclear power- Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima
  • as told earlier, power plants are very large targets for terrorism
  • there is nowhere safe to put the nuclear waste

Costs of Nuclear Energy

  • it is very costly to build nuclear power plants
  • cost a lot to protect people from the radiation from nuclear energy

Overcoming Objections

The fact that nuclear energy is this bad for our bodies and our planet is reason enough to not have it. Why would we put everything that we've built up be crushed because of our own stupid mistake of having nuclear energy? Even if does cost less to have it, the building of the power plants are very, very expensive. And also, even if it does have a lower carbon dioxide level, it still pollutes the earth with the things they can't take care of like waste.