An Interview with Mrs. Taylor

Victoria Mendenhall

The Teaching Life

Mrs. Taylor is entering another year of teaching, and she's just as excited as the last. She graduated from Texas Tech and earned her bachelor's degree of Arts and Economics to teach the classes she teaches today. She teaches Economics AP, Psychology AP, regular Psychology, and World Religion. She teaches only for the 11th and 12th grade, and has no experience with any younger.

All about Mrs. Taylor's teaching life

Classes She Teaches:
  • Psychology AP (11-12)
  • Psychology (11-12)
  • Economics AP (12)
  • World Religions (12)
Classroom Environment:
  • Desks set in rows facing the front
  • Smart Board
  • 30+ Chromebooks in a cart for when needed
  • Colorful decorations set all around the room
  • Helpful facts strung across the walls
  • Filled with the intelligence and laughter of the students
Classroom Management Techniques and Strategies:
  • Mrs. Taylor talks at the front of the classroom where everyone can see her
  • She gives lectures about the power point on the SMART board and has the students take notes while she explains it.
  • Mrs. Taylor uses modern examples to describe terms so that the students will better understand.
  • She jokes with the students and uses humor to help them get involved and keep them lively.
  • Mrs. Taylor lets students partake in the discussions and answers all the questions they have for her
  • Students have to keep a binder to store all their notes, quizzes, etc. in.
Hours Per Week:
  • Up to 60 hours
Biggest Challenge and Biggest Reward of Teaching:
  • Laziness is a big challenge and is hard to overcome.
  • The biggest reward is when kids say "Wow we actually learn a lot in here."
  • On a scale of 1-10, self motivation is an 8 when needed for this job

How I Perceive Mrs. Taylor's Teaching

Poem About Her Teaching:

The energy was as high as the sky

The laughs were as bright as the sun

They never missed a beat

and harmonized together as well as one

The Words That Describe Mrs. Taylor:

  1. Peppy - She's always lively and very excitable
  2. Blunt - She will tell you the truth no matter what. She won't beat around the bush.
  3. Humorous - She jokes very easily, and is never serious unless she has to be.


Mrs. Taylor is the leader of the pack.

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