Cayleb's Portfolio

English 9 Pineda-Spring 2015

1. Journal Reflection

My break was awesome I did something that I can't speak of but I went to three spring break parties and hung out. Then I went back to my girl's house and had cake and hung out then went to sleep. Woke up and kissed her goodbye. My favorite part was going to her house and my least favorite part was leaving.

This was my best journal because its truthful. I'm not truthful in other journals. The prompt was interesting to me because its my life. I'm interested in my own life. I did make life cnnections to my own life.

2. Choice Essay

I wouldn't visit the past if I could. I believe in fate and everything happens for a reason. I may not meet the same people or do the same things if I visit the past. My girl may not be my girl and I can't have that happen. My first kiss might have been with a different person or not happen at all. So I would not go to the past if I could and I would advise no one else to either. It could mess with your friends’ life or any strangers’ life. Anything you do could affect anyone in the world. You have the power to change the world and no one should have that power. If I were to go back in time anything could happen if I’m mad I could kill someone and that’s bad for the generations to come anyone else could but it would be my fault if I was the first. You shouldn’t go back to kill for one its murder and bad. Let me ask you a question. Could you actually kill another human being? Don’t listen to all those people, celebrities, and role models, humans generally aren’t predisposed to killing each other. To kill someone kills you inside. That’s not a guarantee, of course. Thinking about homicide is relatively common so I’ve heard, and many humans end up taking the lives of others due to complex circumstances such as brutal upbringings/environments, or possibly psychiatric illness. And of course, some people are just evil. It seems challenging to reconcile these motivations with the mentality that plans to kill anyone at all as an altruistic act. But let’s assume you are willing to kill one to save millions of others. All of history to visit, and your first port of call involves killing. No, don’t go to the past for any reason, the decisions you make there well most likely not be good decisions.

3. Choice Essay

Love is stronger than hate. It is stronger because love is to want to see someone every day. To be with them all the time. To never want to leave them. Hate is just a passion of anger. But love is a passion of every emotion. Every feeling. Hate comes out of you. Love is within you and stays in you and you let it out with physical passion like kissing but it’s still in you. It’s an unlimited amount of passion. Love is stronger than hate. A person in love loves everyone. This overwhelmingly positive feeling can change the world drastically. A person in hate becomes an enormous destructive force. It drives to an abyss of violence. Have you ever experienced real light of love and real darkness of hate? Love may be more powerful than hate because, as it was in the song, love can lead to hate, whereas hate never. Love is more powerful because it gives birth to new positive challenges. Love changes a person, enriches the world, extends the horizons, enhances opportunities, brightens friendships, and deepens emotions. A person in love has a specific aura, a peculiar kind of energy that is given off, scattered in all directions, like the light of the myriads of stars. If Romeo and Juliet had lived longer, would they have loved each other with the same intimacy, passion, and commitment? I have doubts. Love is powerful because it can transform. It is, in fact, a transforming process of flexible relationships, in which intimacy remains stable. Who ever lived to hate? Love is powerful because it drives, navigates, directs, and makes our existence meaningful. Hate invites loneliness, whereas love denies it. Hate ruins personality, whereas love builds ego identity. Hate results in acts of violence, whereas love leads to amazing acts of kindness. Hate destroys, whereas love creates. Hate is war, whereas love is peace. That's why love is more Keep love inside, and all will be always fine.

4. Note to Self

Hey, year younger me. Don't be an idiot this year. We are failing and us need you to not. Dad is going to kick our butt and mom is going to take our girl from us. We can't have that happening we love her. You idiot get your act together before we both suffer and catch up with each other. So Idiot stop being an idiot. You dumb idiot. Please do well the beginning of the year so when we meet up and I do ok when ok isn't enough. If you do well, ok will be enough. Failing is not good now or ever but if you do well this year we won’t be failing. And don’t let anyone take advantage of you, you will be serving them for the next four years we will be stuck. And Shianne’s back especially don’t let her take advantage of you because you already did and were screwed fix it. So again don’t be an idiot and let people do anything at all to you be tough this year and beat everyone up who stands in the way and English your friends with people you didn’t think you would. Math we repeated and we probably still will if you don’t try but its ok because a bunch of people we are going to like are in there so buckle up and enjoy high school because it sucks. High School is the worst thing ever academically but the hallways and experiences are the best there is more to do you can make out in the hallway which is cool but weird if you’re right there while someone is its weird. High School is a blast as long as we pass it and are not in it for more than 4 years.