NOVEMBER 06, 2020

Message From Mr. Dignan

Hello Eagles!

RVHS is gearing up for a return to campus on January 5, assuming our county has moved from PURPLE back to RED. Here are a few notes of interest for our return:

  • Mondays will be optional for student attendance as it will be an intervention day with no new material presented.
  • Mondays will be a modified day with 7th period ending at 12:56.
  • Tuesdays through Fridays will be a regular schedule with all periods meeting each day.
  • All students are required to attend all classes Tuesdays through Fridays.
  • RVHS will have NO live streaming.
  • If we are not permitted to return to campus, we will continue with the same schedule we are currently using.
  • If we are not permitted to return to campus, we will continue with the Learning Hubs.
  • Students who require an online only option will be contacted by our counselor to review options such as transferring to Independent Study or to a traditional high school to take online classes.

Please complete the Learning Model Confirmation linked below by Monday, November 9. You may contact our front office if you have any questions.

We got this!

Tim Dignan

RVHS Learning Model Confirmation

Click above to complete this short survey.

Return to School Schedule for 2nd Semester

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TVUSD Employee Years of Service

Won't you please help me to celebrate our teachers and staff who are being recognized for their years of service in the Temecula Valley Unified School District. The names on this list are teachers and staff here at RVHS that are all rock-stars. If you can find a moment to do so, sending them a congratulatory email would be a very kind gesture. Thank you.
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Employee of the week

Jason Krefft

Mr. Jason Krefft joined our team a year ago and has been doing an outstanding job from day one. Mr. Krefft has been teaching for 9 years, but started his career in engineering and made his way through the business sector along with construction management before shifting gears into education. If you talk to him he will be the first to say that his favorite part of the business world was helping others learn the job and training them to excel. It makes sense, because teaching is already in his blood. His mom and brother are teachers so it was only time before he jumped into his calling.

Student of the week

Jonah Santiago

Jonah has done a terrific job of getting back on track and is doing his work, showing up to class and participating at a high level. Keep up the good work Jonah!!

Ja'Meese Tookes

She has made great improvement and is trying to be diligent with her classwork. Good overall effort, attitude and attendance.

RVHS Online Block Schedule

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Lisa Sindermann

Secretary To Principal Tim Dignan and

Assistant Principal Tim Mann