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Byte-Sized Treats to Transform Learning

The Great American Eclipse

In preparation for the Great American Solar Eclipse on August 21st, NASA created an amazing website to provide a guide to share activities, events, broadcasts, and resources from NASA and partners across the nation. Please take time to check it out and share with your students. There are also other resources listed below for additional information

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FCPS District Technology Resource Teachers are ready for the eclipse. Are you?

Left to right: Leanna, Amy, Kelly, Julie, Paula & Jerry

Do You Really Know Your Students?

“When teachers form positive bonds with students, classrooms become supportive spaces in which students can engage in academically and socially productive ways.: --Hamre & Pianta, 2001

The floors are shining, the bulletin boards are up, and the pencils are sharpened. Now it's time to really focus on what matters most - your students. By creating "interest inventories" using technology, you can get to know your students on a deeper level and form those positive relationships. Find out what inspires and engages your students and use that to your advantage by integrating technology into your curriculum. Ask students often and in a variety of ways, starting with some of the tools listed below:

Joining Google Classroom Made Easier

Students can easily join a Google Classroom created by a teacher by visiting Just click on the plus sign on the top right of the page, select Join Class, and enter the class code provided by the teacher. A new feature added by Google, though, makes this process even easier by allowing the teacher to display the class code fullscreen. Now in Google Classroom, the teacher will select Students, click the dropdown arrow next to the class code, and then select Display.

Meet Google Meet

Google Meet (formerly part of Google Hangouts) is a new effortless video meeting experience that offers multiple opportunities for classroom use. It makes "meeting up" virtually as productive as meeting face to face over a cup of coffee. There are no special accounts, plugins, downloads, or other obstacles -- and up to 30 participants can jump in using a shared link, calendar invite, or email invite.

Imagine meeting up with your team teachers to plan for tomorrow's lesson without having to leave the comfort of your own couch. Since Meet is integrated with your Google Drive, you can easily screen share ideas and documents or explore the idea of a collaborative faculty meeting where teachers participate from their classroom desks. Envision connecting your class with an expert - such as an author, astronaut, or executive. The possibilities are endless!

For step by step directions, visit Google's Tutorial.

Ready To Learn?

Be on the lookout for exciting PD sessions led by the Office of Instructional Technology! Google, Canvas, Digital Learning and much more will be added to the PD menu in the upcoming weeks. Keep an eye on What other topics are you interested in? Let us know here.
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