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Principal News: Digital Learning Days Special Edition

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First, and most importantly...I hope you are all well and safe!!

On April 2nd, Governor Kemp announced that all Georgia schools will remain closed through the end of the year. Decisions to close schools is never an easy one. However, in light of COVID-19, we are reminded of the importance of keeping our most precious future, our children, safe and healthy.

As we are now faced with a "new normal" of digital learning, I want to assure you that the quality instruction experienced in our building will continue. I am so proud of our Stripling Staff and our students who have risen to the challenge during these unprecedented times!

To avoid "online fatigue", we developed a school-wide Digital Learning Framework designed to focus on specific content areas each day. Students will receive no new assignments on Fridays. Instead, Fridays will be used to review material taught, make up work or redo assignments, or participate in student activities and family activities.

Additionally, every teacher is engaging their students with live lessons posted on their eCLASS pages where students can see and hear their teacher guide them through strategies and activities. While nothing can replace the interaction experienced in the classroom, our teachers are doing really great work with their students.

This is a tough time for our families, community, and country. But we will get through this working collaboratively. Staying at home and practicing CDC guidelines is our best defense. We will see our friends, teachers, and families again soon. Until that time, be safe and be encouraged. YOU are what makes this school great!

We will get through this…stronger…together.

We are Stripling...and

We are #NorcrossStrong!

I hope that everyone is, and remains, well during this time. Please tell your children we love them, we miss them, and we look forward to seeing them when they return.

Dr. Chisel Valdez


Stripling Elementary School

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The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting mandate to end all face-to-face instruction in Gwinnett County Public Schools has had a profound impact on the daily lives of our students, families, and employees. In these uncertain times, we know that many of you have questions about plans for the remainder of the school year. We continue to work through some of the issues, but decisions have been made regarding a number of school-related topics. Please see the current guidance from Gwinnett County Public Schools regarding a variety of topics including attendance, grading, the last day of Teaching and Learning, promotion guidance, and summer school.

DLD Teaching and Learning

GCPS will continue Digital Learning Days through May 20, the last day of school. Students and staff are not in a traditional school setting, but teaching and learning is continuing every school day through digital content that is aligned to Gwinnett’s AKS curriculum and Georgia standards.

Breakfast and Lunch Services

Gwinnett County Public Schools meal service expanded to include both breakfast and lunch items distributed at the same time. The pick-up at Stripling Elementary is between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. every school day. Additionally, Gwinnett school buses are making stops at regular bus stops between 11 a.m. and noon. It is important to remember that in order to receive a meal, the child must be present at the school site or at the bus stop when the bus arrives. These meals are available at no cost to anyone 18 years of age or younger, no matter which school a child attends. A list of school sites offering meals for pick up, and the clusters and schools where delivery is provided, can be found on the district website.

Shift to a Four-Day Week for New Assignments

Just as students need breaks during the regular school day, they also need breaks when learning digitally. GCPS has implemented a flexible schedule every Friday through May 8. Students will receive no new assignments on Fridays. Instead, the day can be used to review material taught, make up work or redo assignments, or participate in student activities (such as book clubs, creative offerings, extracurricular offerings, etc.) and family activities.

Attendance, Grading, and Promotion


Teachers are not taking attendance each day; however, they are monitoring which students are participating in digital learning, grading assignments, and are reaching out to students who are not completing assignments. All student and staff attendance incentives for this school year were suspended on March 10. If the current COVID situation is resolved in time and it is safe to hold summer school, GCPS would offer it primarily to students who had low participation in DLD and whose teachers recommend additional help based on the student’s limited understanding and mastery of the curriculum.


Teachers continue to teach the AKS, following the district’s curriculum calendar, to prevent gaps in learning. Teachers continue to grade student work, with students’ DLD assignments counting toward classwork grades.

Student learning during DLD is important. GCPS is taking steps to make sure students are as successful as possible during DLD. If at any time during the remainder of this school year a student’s grade in a class falls below the grade he or she earned in that same class during first semester, or lower than the student’s average in the class on March 12, the teacher will take a number of things into consideration before finalizing the student’s grade. These considerations include the potential impact of the change in learning environment from in-person to online; whether the student had adequate and appropriate opportunities to relearn material or redo assignments; and if the student took advantage of available opportunities to make up work and demonstrate mastery of the AKS.


Promotion GCPS wants to be sure that the move to digital learning does not have a negative impact on students. Therefore, we will use the following promotion criteria: K-8: GCPS will base promotion on a student’s understanding and mastery of the AKS curriculum for his or her grade level. If a student is recommended to repeat a grade, the school or teacher will discuss it with the student’s family.

Summer School

If the current COVID situation is resolved in time and it is safe to hold summer school, GCPS would offer it primarily to students who had low participation in DLD and whose teachers recommend additional help based on the student’s limited understanding and mastery of the curriculum.

Device Access

During the first two weeks of DLD in Gwinnett, 97% of GCPS students participated in online learning. Still some families do not have reliable access to devices (computer, tablet, smart phone, etc.) or high-speed internet. After Spring Break, schools began checking out Chromebooks to students whose low participation in digital learning indicated a lack of access to a usable device. The checkout program is designed to assist families identified as having the most need first. A family that can demonstrate a need for this assistance should contact the following administrators for additional information.

Kindergarten- Albert Gresens

First Grade- Frank Rodriguez

Second Grade- Sandra Holt

Third Grade- Albert Gresens

Fourth Grade- Albert Gresens

Fifth Grade- Frank Rodriguez

SPED Programs- Sandra Holt

DLD Teaching and Learning

Through DLD course pages, our teachers are supporting our students through quality lessons and offering live sessions to meet our students needs. Students can access video recordings of lessons at any time to review content.

Kindergarten Registration

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Kindergarten Registration for the 2020-2021 school year will be fully online. Please visit our school website for step by step registration information.

IEP Eligibility/ Annual/ Re-evaluation Meetings

Due to Social Distancing, Special Education Teachers have begun to communicate with parents to schedule a day and time to conduct virtual Zoom or phone conference IEP meetings. IEP/Re-evaluation/Eligibility dates and deadlines have been frozen during DLDs, but current Special Education services do not stop. Special Education and General Education Teachers are continuing to support their students through DLD course pages and live sessions via Zoom or google meets. Thank you, parents, for continuing to maintain communication with your students' general and special education teachers.

Counseling Resources

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How Do I Access Digital Learning Pages?

All Digital Learning Days activities are on your teacher eCLASS course pages or are linked to that page. Should you need assistance locating these assignments please contact your child's teacher. Students are familiar with eCLASS and should know the location of their teachers page and the activities.

Instructions on How to Find a Teacher's eCLASS Page

Guía del estudiante para encontrar la página de los cursos

Parents and students who need a refresher course on how to access eCLASS C&I course pages can go to the following web page for helpful resources and information:

Keeping Everyone Healthy!

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