Arial Sharon

Arial sharon was a leader

Being conceived and Death:

  • Ariel Sharon was born in 1928 on February 26,in Kfar Malal and died on 11 January 2014 after eight years that he was in a coma.

Sharon Leadership:

led military campaigns and he was an important politician. For examples: He was the 11th Prime Minister of Israel. he set up unit 101 first unit of the IDF commando in addition Sharon was defense minister, led Israel First Lebanon War and as Prime Minister led to the disengagement from Gaza.

Why world leaders came to say thank you to Sharon from around the world?:

Leaders from around the world came to his funeral and thought he was a shepherd and a leader like Moses was. They thought he was a discreet man and wise person. He believed in the sentence "Do not leave a soldier behind." He was beloved Prime Minister of Israel and was loved by all leaders in the world except Arab leaders.Sharon was a Zionist who loved country, the flag and symbols. Ariel loved to serve in the IDF and loved contribute to Israel.

In conclusion ..:

In the summary, we learned that Sharon was one of the greatest military leaders in Israel and most loved prime minister and his death was tragic for the citizens of Israel and the world .


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