President Wanted!!!

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You must be 35 years of age, been born in the United States, and you must have lived in the U.S. 14 years prior to running for President.

What This Position Will Entail

Chief Executive- You are in charge of 15 cabinet departments.

-You are authorized to give Executive Orders.

Chief Diplomat- You will direct foreign policy.

-Issue Executive Agreements.

Commander-in-Chief- You are in charge of all military factions.

-Only you can send in troops.

Party Leader- You are viewed as the leader of your political party.

-You select the party's national chairperson.

-You help the party raise money and funds.

Economic Leader- You deal with economic issues such as unemployment rate, inflation, and high taxes.

-You plan the federal government's budget each year.

Head of State- This is a ceremonial role.

-You represent America at special occasions and ceremonies.

-You are a living symbol of the U.S.

Legislative Leader- You have the power to sign a bill into law or veto it.

-You will also lead the legislative program with the annual State of the Union Address.


-You will make $400,000 per year.

-That doesn't include extra money for expenses and travel.

-You are authorized to use Camp David, a fleet of special cars, helicopters and airplanes. (Air Force One)

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