Minecraft: At a first look

By:Julius Briscoe, Game by: Markus Perrson and "Jeb"

Minecraft, Pricey or not?

Minecraft only costs $26.95 and at a minimum wage would make it to where you could buy Minecraft easily. It would take only about 4 hours of work time with a wage of $7.50. Other than that, it's highly affordable.

What are the benefits of Minecraft?

Well, if you're an adult, your child won't bother you as much because he/she will be occupied playing. If you're a child, you'll be able to connect to friends over servers and you can letr your imagineation soar, because in Minecraft, the sky's the limits! (Literally!)

What are the basics of Minecraft?

Well, the basics are pretty simple; for survival you need wood and sticks; for creative you need only your imagination!

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