Morning Minutes

Monday, August 22, 2016 --- Violet (Day 1)

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Rebecca Chatham (out) - No Sub

Autism - Elizabeth Finamore

Just a reminder that all staff must complete a return demonstration for Epi pen, nebulizer, and Heimlich maneuver to a nurse.

Please see Nurse Robyn or Nurse Sheila

Notes from the Front Office


  • Changes - Homeroom teachers please enter all transportation changes in the Google doc before sending them to the front office. Once the notes are returned to you keep them in your student's file. The latest we can accept a transportation change is 1:30pm, please communicate this with your parents.
  • PM Bus - Just a reminder if a student rides bus 10714 to a day care, a parent can not send in a transportation change to ride their neighborhood bus. A student can only be routed for one bus at a time.

Mark your calendar!

August 23 - Curriculum Night (1,2,3 grades)

August 25 - Leader In Me Presentation (Sawnee Cafe 1)

August 29 - Girls on the Run (GOTR)

August 30 - IST Meetings & Girl Scout Recruitment Night (6:30-8:00 Cafe 1)

August 31 - Early Release - Professional Development

September 2 - Splatter Dash Kick-Off

September 5 - Labor Day (No School)

September 7 - Focus Groups (3:30-4:00)

September 9 - Picture Day


1 Stacy Mizer

1 Morgan Wade

3 Lauren Dorsett

3 Tammy Fields

10 Madeline Pagan

11 Karen Rice

12 Cynthia Pearson

17 Shelia Fairfield

23 Lisa Isinghood

30 Michelle Jarvis

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