Branches of Government

Adam Tosi


The three branches of government are the Executive,Legislative and Judicial Branches. The Executive Branch is generally the president and his or her job is to conduct everyday affairs of the nation. The Legislative Branch is usually composed of a Legislature they discuss and pass laws. The Legislative Branch is broken up into two groups: the House of Representatives, and the Senate. The Judicial Branch is the nation's courts and judges who interpret the laws made by the Legislative Branch.

Explanation on Why the Founding Fathers Created the Constitution

The founding fathers felt it was important to create the Constitution because they felt the government shouldn't be too strong. When the founding fathers first attempted to make the government weaker they made the article of confederation which did not work. Therefore they made the constitution. They also felt it was important to break the government into three branches so no one branch was more powerful than the other making the power equal.

The Three Branches of Government

The three branches of the government all have different functions. The Legislative Branch of the government is the congress. The congress comes up with laws. The executive branch which is run by the President, Vice president and the Cabinet. The Executive Branch sees that laws are carried out. The Judicial Branch is run by the Supreme Court and other courts who evaluates laws.

Branch in The News

This article is about the suspensions of limitations under the Jerusalem embassy act and President Obama issued this. click here for the link.