What Independence Mean To Singapore

Syed Syahmi - 2 Citrine

In the 9th of August 1965 , the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew declared on local television that Singapore would part ways from Malaysia . Singapore then went on to become one of the most successful countries , in terms of money , trade and others .

Singapore's independence was significant because Singapore would go on and do a lot of stuff alone , without any help from Malaysia . Even though there were tons of wars and riots in the starting years where Singapore were finally independent , they bonded together to make a brighter nation . Last year , Singapore reached it's 50th year of independence .

Every year , Singapore would usually mark National Day with military and civilian processions , lots of fireworks , mass performances and others . The first National Day Parade was on the 4th of June 1960 , one year after Singapore had just achieved self-goverment . It was meant to have 25000 people turn up , but due to heavy rain , it was cancelled .

Without independence or merger , Singapore would be nothing but just a small dot . Due to hard work and determination , Singapore would be successful .