All About Bikes

Ben W. P.6th

Bikes are be a useful resource when you are trying to get some where without your car.

Rolling, chains moving, the bike is moving in all different ways. This is a machine that helps people move when they cant use their car for some reason, but right now we are talking about the past. There are a couple of questions that I want to figure out.How are bikes made,how do they work,how many parts are there to a bike when was the first bike made,who came up with the idea about a bike,who rode the first bike,and finally what state was the first bike from? These are all great answers!

Bikes are made from metal and plastic which can help with bumpy rode's, and rocky platforms. Bikes can help you get in tip top shape.Did you know that there are about 30 parts that go into a bike, you have the chains pedals,handle bars,seat,tires,rims,spokes and more.I wonder when even the first bike was ever made.

The first bike was made in 1817.It was made by Baron von Drais. The bike was called the Draisienne or hobby horse. Did you ever want to know who even came up with the idea? Well if you are thinking Baron von Drais you are correct.He was the first guy to ever come up with the idea.

He thought of it because he wanted to get around to see the garden quicker so its not so long. Now lets see who rode the very first bike. It was a guy named Misedious de Velaro. He rode the very first bike. Baron thought of it but he wasn't the first one to ride it.

Have you ever wondered what state was the first bike in? Well it was from Arizona, Arizona was the first state to have the very first bike. Wow! I never knew any of this was true. That was a great story.

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