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May 25th, 2022

PTA Announcements

5th Grade Promotion Leis - Order Today!

In the past, 5th graders leaving SME have been gifted orchid leis as a sign of affection and hope for the future.

Thanks to local florist Leonora Moss, we are able to continue this tradition for the class of 2022. We'd like for each of our 96 fifth graders to receive one!
The wholesale cost of the leis is $13.50. If you are able, please fill out the included form and drop it by the office with a check made out to SME PTA by May 27th.

* PTA will pay the cost for any family that is unable to purchase a lei for their student. Please email

SEEDs Parent Group Announcements

SEED works for every family to feel respected, supported and represented at Sierra Madre Elementary School.

Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy the SEED Spring Social at Memorial Park! Thanks for making the event a fun time for everyone!

Click here for the SEED Spring Social slideshow!

SEED is excited to share recordings from our SEED family Summit. This month check out Dr. Yen’s presentation, "Using a Social Story to Help Children Understand and Stand Up Against Racism”

Click here for this valuable presentation, Dr. Yen's Presentation, Using a Social Story to Help Children Understand Racism

Dr. Yen's PowerPoint with Social Story

SEED is recognizing Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! Check out the SEED resource guide to learn about the many local AAPI cultural enclaves and communities to visit this summer! Click here to access the May SEED resource guide: Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Want to be up to date on what SEED is up too? Want to get involved and be a part of the conversation? Get on the SEED email list! Email us at! SEED will be meeting the last Monday of the month during June and July!

Check out the wonderful feedback SEED has received this school year!

"Thank you so much for including us yesterday in such a fun afternoon at the park with amazing kids and families! Jack and I had such a great time!!! I am so grateful for all of the hard work you put in to yesterdays event! The success of the event should be measured by the amount of smiles that were seen…. and I report I SAW ALL SMILES!!!!!

Thank you again!!! I am excited to be getting involved in such an amazing group with amazing individuals!"

Vanessa Caulfield,


"Thank you so much for establishing the SEED group on campus, for providing resources and support for the teachers, and for encouraging a spirit of inclusivity at our school…."

Dany Richey,

First Grade Teacher

AFB Announcements

Thank You for a Wonderful Year!!!

Thank you to all the amazing SME families and supporters who participated in AFB's fundraising efforts this school year. Together, we surpassed our goal of $200,000 and raised $253,000! This allows SME to fund all our Arts Education programming and vital staff needs for the 2022-2023 school years, and put extra funds aside for future needs. AFB couldn't do it without this outstanding community, and we are so grateful for your support!!

Community Opportunities

Homework Club Summer

LEARNs Summer Program

Please check out the application link for summer LEARNs for SME students at Norma Coombs.

Summer LEARNs is a $50 registration fee only, this summer.