The knowledge banks of society

What are some character traits of Mavens?

  • "Mavens have the knowledge and the social skills to start word-of-mouth epidemics. What sets Mavens apart, though, is not so much what they know but how they pass it along (67)."
  • "The one thing that a Maven is not is a persuader... Alpert's motivation is to educate and help. He's not the kind of person who wants to twist your arm (69)."
  • "The critical thing about Mavens, though, is that they aren't passive collectors of information... They are more than experts. An expert, says Price, will 'talk about say, cars because they love cars. But they don't talk about cars because they love you, and want to help you with your decision. The Market Maven Will' (62)."
  • "Mavens are unselfish. They always try to give and tell you deals. Also they try to help you save lots of money, and do the best. 'I would say he saved me fifteen thousand dollars when I had first moved to Austin.' He's simplified everything. He has everything processed."

Who are key examples of Mavens?

  • "He (Mark Alpert) gives the sense that he is interested in and curious about interested in and curious about everything, that... if you gave him a children's chemistry set he would happily sit down and there and create some new strange concoction (63)."
  • "News of the British did not come by tax, or by means of a group e-mail... it was carried by a man (Paul Revere), a volunteer, riding on a cold night with no personal agenda other than a concern for the liberty of his peers (67)."
  • "Alpert is not, it should be said, an obnoxious know-it-all (65)."

A modern version of a mini-maven are Viners who use certain songs in their Vines. The song may not be popular, or the artist may not mainstream, but when a popular Viner uses that song, it can become well known. This relates to Mavens as they are known for using their great social skills and knowledge to spread things and topics.

God, our Lord, could be considered a Maven, as he used communication from the Heavens to spread word to Mary that her child was a messiah, and the begining of a new religion. Jesus Christ would not have been as well known as he is now if God had not told others.