Samurai & Bushido

Alyssa B.

1) Introduction of Samurai & Bushido

The early samurai were the armed supporters of wealthy landowners. Many of the samurai left the imperial court to seek out their own fortunes. Samurai, translates into those who serve. The traditional samurai code of honor was know as Bushido. Bushido translates into the way of the warrior.

2) What effect each system had on Japanese culture during their specific time period?

They both were part of the military force.

3) Imagine you are a samurai living in Japan during the 14th century. Explain why you became a samurai and describe your duties.

Hi, guess what? I finally became a samurai! I've been waiting for this for forever! I became a samurai because I have dreamed of it since I was a little kid. It has always been my dream to make a difference to this country. My way of doing it would be to become a samurai. Become a warrior. My duty is to make sure that this country is kept safe and I have been told that I will become the Bushido. Which basically means I am following the way of the warrior.