The ME Project

Ishvir Bhangal

Who Am I?

I am Ishvir Bhangal. I am 15 years old. When you first meet me i am a very quiet person, im not that talkative if i've never seen or talked to you before. Once that i get to know you better, i open up and get really talkative. I'm a happy person, i will always be laughing or smiling. I'm outgoing and i love travelling and exploring new things. I love going on adventures, trying new things and discovering new things to do. Also, i enjoy watching movies. I'm also a very creative person, i love to design things. Once you get to know me, im a really open person.



Teen Wolf

My favorite TV show is Teen Wolf. Teen Wolf is my favorite show because it is really interesting and funny. i love the cast of Teen Wolf & I enjoy watching Teen Wolf all day long.


My second favorite show is Prison Break. Prison Break is my favorite show because it is something different. it is interesting and unique. The show is unpredictable and you don't really know whats coming. This show isn't like the other shows i watched before, its got to be one of my favorites.


One of my favorite thing to do while I'm bored is to watch you tube videos. It is my favorite thing to do because there is a wide range of selection of videos that i can walk. i learn things from you tube videos, it entertains me , and keeps me busy.


The leadership style i have is Leader as a joiner. i would say i have the leadership style as a leader as a joiner because a leader as a joiner is described as:

  • sees self as a member of the team
  • follows the overall desire of the team
  • steps down as "leader"

i show this type of leadership style when im with my group of friends. i see my self as a member of the group and i follow the overall desire of my group of friends.


The main influences in my life are my friends. They are my main influences because i am mostly with them most of the time. they have influenced me because before i met them i was a completely different person. i used to be quiet and shy. now that i have met them and hung out with them, i have changed. i am more outgoing and talkative. therefore my friends are main influences in my life.

Role Model/People in my life

My Bestfriend

My role model in my life is my Best friend Jasleen. i have known her for 12 years and ever since i met her she has been a very important person in my life. We have grown up together and spent many years being neighbors. she is more like a sister to me because she has always taught me the right and wrong things in life, she looks after me, she makes sure that i do the right things in life. she is always there for me and my problems. Therefore she has affected my life ever since i met her


Graphic Designer

i want to become a graphic designer when i grow up. i want to become a graphic designer because i have a passion for creating stuff. i like to design things. i love to meet new people , and get a chance to talk to them. i plan to get in the graphic design area by going to college or university and meeting the requirements needed for becoming an graphic designer.



My Blueprint-Learning styles
  • Visual- Auditory learner

My Blueprint-Personality

  • ESTJ(extroverted, sensing, thinking, judging)

My Blueprint-Interests

  • The translator (AS)

My Blueprint-Knowledge

  • English

My Blueprint-Motivations

  • Working Conditions

My Blueprint-Compatibility

  • Is it right for me?

Top 3 occupation matches

  • Choreographer
  • Actor
  • Makeup Artist
True Colors
  • Gold
  • Orange
Right or Left brain?
  • 50% right
  • 40% left
Holland Code Career Test
  • Building
  • Thinking
  • Creating
  • Helping
  • Persuading
  • Organizing