CP Prerformance task

Cason P 9/19/2013


Populations can be big and small when predators eat prey the predator population gets bigger.When animal don't have enough food, they die.the population goes down.When some die some live it's just right because some have food and some don't.Underwater animals different populations.Take this as a example:Seawater animals lay millions of because few survive.That how a populations are.

Food and Oxygen

Why do we animals need food and oxygen? Because if they don't have food they would be weak and die.Food is very Important if we didn't their would be no living.food give us enegy to live.Oxygen help breath.

growth and Development

How animals GROW and DEVELOP

A born kangaroo is small as lima bean when it's born!when a whales are born they are their big as a school bus.When animals are in cold place they have a hard time keeping their baby alive.Female bird have special opening to lay eggs bat populations all in the some place like they all live the cave.That all about growth and development!