Hero or Zero

I give you a zero

The trail of tears

Andrew Jackson did something horrible by technically killing many people.The Cherokee lives in Georgia many people wanted the land that they lived on because it had Gold.Jackson had support for making the Cherokee leave and Jackson signed the Indian removal act. The Worcester v Georgia said that Georgia cannot interfere with the Cherokee but Jackson just ignored it. Jackson halted Indian removal and they were pushed out and had to walk westward even though there was horrible weather.These Indians got relocated to Oklahoma.

Spoils system

The spoils system might be a great thing to some people but to others not so much.Jackson sure that everyone that supported him got a job in the government.The people who get rewarded may feel happy but he is replacing other peoples jobs.Those people who have had the job before Jackson's supporters must feel sad because they have been working hard and training to get that job.Andrew Jackson is just going to bring some random supporter in because that is not fair to the people who worked there first.

Killing the national bank

Jackson may think that it is best to close down a national bank for his own reasons but not every one agrees.Jackson feels that the national bank only favors wealthy people i do agree with that but it does not mean that you need to shut it down.Jackson votes the national bank because he thinks that it is not fair which may be true but life is not fair.

Political cartoon Andrew jackson

This political cartoon represents Andrew Jackson as a king.He looks like a king in this picture because he acts like one he acts like he rules everyone and everything.Andrew Jackson does have power but he thinks that he has so much power that he is over using that power.He takes his power for granted if you are going to have power use it wisely.