Happy Holidays from Loudoun Cares

A time for reflection and giving...

It's this time of year when most of us pause for a minute to smile at our children and neighbors as they take part in traditions. We laugh and enjoy those we care about at a time of year when we often huddle together and share our lives with one another, not via social media, but in person. This is a time when we actually take a break and revel in what we've achieved, how we've grown this year and what we hope to accomplish next year.

In Loudoun County most of us are very fortunate. Some of our neighbors however, are not so comfortable. We have senior citizens who have lived here all their lives, yet today, they struggle to keep the heat on. We have single mothers who are also struggling working two jobs, both without health insurance. We have fathers who have been out of work and their children don't know the food on their table was donated to them. These families don't get to take a break.

At Loudoun Cares we spread hope, happiness, and support to these neighbors during the holidays and throughout the year. Our Loudoun Cares Information and Referral Helpline, exclusive to Loudoun residents, will help our seniors find utility assistance; it will direct the young mother to affordable health care; and it will offer the family job referral, food pantry, and support group options. Many people have no idea what is available to them. Loudoun Cares makes certain to connect our community to the resources they desperately need, which then builds and strengthens the entire Loudoun Community.

Loudoun Cares is able to offer this support because of each of you. We understand that there are often more expenses at this time of year, but we hope you will consider making a gift to Loudoun Cares in support of your neighbors and our Loudoun Community this holiday season.

Thank you. Best wishes for a healthy, happy, peaceful, and prosperous New Year!

Loudoun Cares

Loudoun Cares

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