Reel vs. Real: 2012

Plate tectonics mini project 🔥

The earthquakes are "unreel"😒

The "unreel" earthquakes in the movie 2012 are unrealistic because when it strikes it covers a gigantic area but at the same time the main protagonist driving at what speed i believe to be about 40 mph and an earthquake usually happens instantly and the ground doesnt just fall into oblivion and it just so happens it chases the protagonist around wherever he is going

He avoids ALL of the cars on the road

When he is in the car driving away with the family he magically avoids all of the cars and trucks falling from the freeway and other cars swerving on the road in front of him and the rocks falling from everywhere


The tectonic plates were divergent but in real life it would be when the plates move faster than normal.Also, the ground just disappeared pretty much and they didn't even sink.Not to forget, there's fire in the middle of the water