Darwin's Postulates

By Patricio Montemayor


Species as generations pass by they are slowly gaining different traits. At the end an animal will have so many different traits even from the rest of their species but their differences might be so small that they are not noticed that easily. Each species has their own type of traits but even within a species each individual animal has different traits.
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As generations keep on passing by, each parent leaves some of their traits behind to their son. We have seen this throughout history when a children looks like their parents is because of inheritance. This is the way traits are always being passed down through generations.
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Differential Survival

There are many different forms of differential survival. This is when outside factors other than a species actions affect their survival. Examples of this are natural disasters. They occur all the time and actually do endanger species for example due to global warming polar bears and pinguins are having trouble surviving in the now so not cold weather. Also human impact on species can be considered an example of differential survival.
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As traits are being passed down through generations, some animals get traits different than others within the same species. When certain traits are not good enough to prevent extinction some that have that trait and does not have it differently get extinct. The difference is that not all of them get extinct because some have a trait that can survive a certain condition. One example is the length of the rabbits teeth. If some had long teeth they were able to eat a certain type of food.
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