Elephant Seal

By Georgette


Elephant Seals isn't uncommon to find themselves enjoying company with each other. Their often found on land enjoying the bright glorious sun. These Seals love sliding along rocks even through it seems like they are struggling. But also easy to get around the beautiful water.


Elephants Seals have many predators and need to defend themselves. They used their 30 razor sharp teeth. But they don't also fight, they swim away 12 miles per hour hiding in caves and dive deep about 2 000 feet.


Everyone has enemies even Elephants Seals. One of them are a Leopard Seal that's because they kill Baby Elephant Seal known as pups. A other one is Large Sharks. The Large Sharks attack from below and injury the poor now helpless Elephants Seals. The last predator is the Killer Whale


These Seals eat a variety of fish, squid, small sharks and notothenides. Known as Antarctic cod.


Elephants Seals have huge round black eyes, slimily webbed feet, adult males have a large noses and the female Elephants Seals don't. They have dark to light grey fur. Also males get taller when they are fighting.


The Elephant male Seal are a hulking 5 000 kg the max. But Elephant women Seals are

1 000 kg. The average is 771 kg


Elephant Seals inhabits during their non breeding season. Their usually found on beaches of Antarctica and rocky terrain, and sometimes on bleak ice.


Elephant Seals are adapted to the cold. The blood vessels in the flippers are grouped together in a way that the arteries and veins help maintain a steady body temperature. These animals have also a layer of fat to keep them warm and not freezing.