Orphan Train

By: Khafren Smith

The History of The Orphan Train

The Orphan train was created by three charities dedicated to helping orphaned children in New York City. The Children's Village, The Children's Aid Society, and the New York Foundling Hospital. It was called the orphan train because it was literally a train which ran from the east coast to the midwest placing children who were otherwise displaced, with families

Experience of Orphan Train Riders

The link below shows an interview with a 98 year old woman who went through the experience of the Orphan Train.

Why the Orphan Train Ended

Because of the depression starting, money became scarce and made it even harder for children to be placed via the orphan train. This meant that because many families couldn't afford to feed any more mouths then they had, so the orphan train slowly faded away.
The Orphan Train HD


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