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Washington Newsletter: February 2020

Important School Dates

February 6th- Student of the Month Ceremony 8:30 am

February 14th- No School (Lincoln's Day)

February 17th- No School (President's Day)

February 19th- Black History Celebration 5:00 - 6:30 pm

Festive Fridays

February 7th- Favorite Outfit Day: Wear your favorite outfit to school today.

February 21st- Workout Gear Day: Wear your gym clothes to school.

Anyone who participates must pay $1.

No jeans are allowed per district policy.

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Student of the Month from January

Pre-K - Gilmore: Trinity Lopez

Kindergarten -Calabrese: Jariely Montilla Cooley: Anthony Apanecatl Homewood: Jordan Torres

1st Grade - DiBella-Ethan Rivera, Kenziel Pizarro Lanouette- Luna Stephens, Fredy Martinez

2nd Grade - Langan: Alina Arroyo, Rua: Desarie Pettit

3rd Grade - Alonzo: Destinee Torres.Byron: Adriel Torre-Cruz

4th Grade - Carpentieri: Umesh Brijlall & Demers: Levant Lovett

5th Grade Brito: Keilyn Figueroa. Colby: Jeismarie Morales-Rivera

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ELA: Kindergarteners will be working on reading CVC words. We are also working on reading and writing our sight words. Please see the list that went to your home with your child.

Math: We continue adding and subtracting facts within 10. Keep counting up to 100!

1st Grade

ELA: We have started Unit 4. within this unit we will be studying about animals and how their bodies help them. We will also be studying about how animals help each other. Students will be finding the main idea in our stories and finding 3 key details to support the main idea.

Math:We are working on place value of double digit numbers. Students are decomposing and composing tens and ones in a two digit number. We will also be comparing numbers to see which is greater than or less than.

2nd Grade

ELA: We will soon start Unit 4 in Wonders. Students will focus on the world around us. We will also be learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks.

Math: Students are starting to explore measuring with different tools and units.

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3rd Grade

ELA: We have just started Wonders Unit 4, which is about facing challenges. We will also learn about Harriet Tubman and Maya Angelou.

Math: We are beginning to learn about fractions.

4th Grade

ELA: We are in Unit 4 of Wonders that focuses on how different writers share the same topic. We will work on our point of view and cause and effect skills. This unit also covers theme! We will be working on our opinion writing as well. Check out the anchor chart below for the OREO organizer we are using to help us keep track of our thoughts.

MATH: We are working hard with our fraction skills. We are learning how to add and subtract fractions with like denominators. We will soon be learning how to convert fractions back and forth from improper fractions.

Happy Numbers class login codes:

Demers: 546 240

Carpentieri: 654 969

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5th Grade

ELA: We will be practicing character and author's point of view while reading text this month. Take a peek at the point of view images below. Students will also learn how to conduct and write a formal interview!

MATH: We have just wrapped up working on finding volume of complex shapes and will be moving on to division. Students will learn to divide whole numbers with four digit dividends and 2 digit divisors! Then will will move on to division with decimals!

Students must know their multiplication facts fluently to solve these types of problems, please practice with them every day!

Congratulations to all the students who have already made their end of year goal in IReady! Keep up the great work! Students should have brought home a goal sheet with skills they could use extra practice with. Be on the lookout!

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Specials Updates




LIBRARY :In library this month, the lower grades will focus on themes of kindness and friendship in picture books. The middle grades will be starting a creative writing unit to review plot. The upper grades will continue to focus on biographical research projects. We will also celebrate Black History Month with nonfiction texts in each class!

NURSE: Please, make sure your children are dressed appropriately for cold days. Hats, warm jackets and gloves or mittens are essential for students to enjoy their time at play outside!

BoxTops for Education

We are kicking off our collection of BoxTops this month! Every BoxTop you collect or scan is worth $0.10 for our school!!!! All funds go toward purchasing classroom materials! There are now TWO ways for you to help our school........

1. You can submit BoxTops digitally! See the video:

2. You can cut, clip and submit as well!

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Math: Students in grades 2-5 have completed their MOY (middle of the year) assessment. Many students have already met their end of the year goal and participated in our Progress Pizza Party to celebrate. Also, many students have met their midyear growth target and are on track to meeting their end of year growth target. Keep encouraging your children to work hard on using their math strategies and taking their time to show how much they have learned.

Science: In honor of Black History Month we celebrate many African American scientists and engineers whom developed inventions that we use every day to make our lives easier. Click on the link below to learn more about these African American Inventors. Encourage your children to explore solutions to problems in our everyday life and they too may end up discovering a new invention to improve our world because that’s what SCIENTISTS and ENGINEERS do!

These 5 African-American inventors improved the world