Peace between Pitbulls and People

Educating and respecting people about pitbulls


Do you treat you're cat,dog, hamster,bird,fish, or reptile like family? I thought so, but why is a dog that is no different than your purebred treated so poorly? All a pitbull is, is a Labrador and American Bulldog, mix breed! What makes these dogs so different than our designer breeds; like labradoodles, puggles, yorkipoos? These innocent dogs are treated this way because of people!
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says pitbull? It probably goes something like this: "they are bad dogs" "it doesnt like other dogs" "they are terrible family pets". None of this is true, a pitbull is no different than any other dog in the world! But the only reason we treat them the way we do- banning them, putting them down, is because of people! Most people dont relize that when the accuse a pitbull of being a bad,scary, mean dog, its discrimination, which we once did with our own people that helped shape this free country!
Help end the discrimination of pitbulls, its time to be their voice! Help us impact all the people who care about these animals! become one of them!

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