SCEC Elementary Curriculum Updates

November, 2020 Mrs. C. Gutierrez


New Month, New Mindset, New Focus, New Goals

Greetings School City of East Chicago Educator,

Did you know that we are entering our 12th week of instruction? As we say goodbye to the month of October and hello to November, let's remember to grow through, what we go through. We all have an opportunity to grow in our expertise, so let's make that our motto as we enter into the second quarter. Please know that you have purpose and are appreciated. Your desire to learn, embrace challenges and welcome feedback sets you up for success.

Here's to growth,

Mrs. C. Gutierrez

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Indiana Literacy Early Intervention Grant

I am pleased to announce that we as a district have received a grant to strengthen our K-2 literacy plan. The grant allows us to add a phonemic awareness program, that is explicitly taught into the reading block. It will complement our current maps and goals perfectly. The curriculum provides 35 weeks of daily lessons, focusing on eight phonemic awareness skills, along with two additional activities to develop letter and sound recognition, and language awareness. Lessons take only 10-12 minutes to complete and come with assessments. The coaches and I are planning for professional development to be given this year, in order to implement in the Fall of 2021.Click on the title above to link directly to their website. You can even watch a sample kindergarten video by just clicking below.

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Hybrid Plan with Iready

If you are looking on how to better plan your Math Hybrid schedule, i-Ready has added a new support titled Teaching and Learning in 2020 for Teachers. There are a ton of resources and ideas that vary from teaching remotely to family engagement. Make sure you check it out!

Go directly to hybrid schedule examples and to find out more about the following;

• Schedule instruction for at-school and/or at-home learning

• Organize their students into cohorts and/or small groups for teacher-led instruction

• Plan independent work for at-home learning



November 9th-17th

Traditional students start on 11/9

Virtual students come in on 11/18 for testing

Virtual student make up day 11/23- Traditional students receive Digital E Learning Day

Digital E learning Day for All 11/24

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Independent Reading Level Assessment(IRLA)-Who's ready to move?

We start the school year with an official IRLA of every student. As we continue teaching in the literacy lab, we use school pace to enter data for each student. Students growth then pushes them to new colors without having to give the IRLA again. The system is built on conferencing and moving the students as they master power goals. By tracking the data dashboard, I can see that K, 1, and 2 have already graduated students to higher colors.Great job primary! If you haven't set a date to really look into whether or not students are ready to move, lets make a plan to update school pace.

  • The IRLA can be used to find a valid and reliable baseline (independent) reading level, K-12.
  • The IRLA provides diagnostic information on each student that is useful to students, parents, teachers and administrators.
  • The IRLA helps teachers track student progress in real time
  • The IRLA helps teachers get to know their students.

CURRICULUM MAP PLC Looking Ahead (LA) Topics

November 2 LA ELA Cycle 5

November 9th LA Math Cycle 5

November 23rd LA ELA Cycle 6

November 30th LA Math Cycle 6

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