Social Graces April Team Kudos!

Cheers to this amazing tribe!

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Wow, April was a great month! So many good things happening on our team!

THANK YOU for all your good energy, your team support of one another, your encouragement, and for your own personal resilience and positive attitude! Being part of this team fills my cup, and I feel so lucky to have this tribe of women as my friends and business partners.

Cheers to finding our happy pace and reaching our goals together this month!

xo, Angelyn

Let's celebrate an amazing April!

Sold $2500+ and earned their 5% volume bonus!

Angelyn Horrell $7,977

Jennifer Cahill $3,941

Jenny Moss, $2,613

Sara Ricks $2,441

Way to GO, ladies!

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Sold over $1000 this month!

Karen Fleet $1,884

Elaine Burk $1,304

Toni Sudderth $1,290

Amanda Burt $1,171

Caroline Klobas $1,093

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Qualified with at least $500 in sales and earned the #EXTRAORDINARY BRACELET!

Angelyn Horrell

Jennifer Cahill

Jenny Moss,

Sara Ricks

Karen Fleet

Elaine Burk

Toni Sudderth

Amanda Burt

Caroline Klobas

Paige Kitchens

Tabnie Dozier

Carolyn Bess

Elizabeth Easterling

Tara Hooper

Erin Burns

Kimberly Martin

Andrea Cathcart

Brooke Smith

Courtney Salinas

Look who has new Qualified Stylists in April!

Angelyn Horrell 2

Sara Ricks 1

Elizabeth Easterling 1

Andrea Cathcart 1

Welcome to the Social Graces family!

New April Stylists!

Stacy Molloy

Tara Hooper

Cyndi Rood

Kim Muchalek

Rebecca Becknal

Look who promoted!

Sara Ricks, Associate Stylist (in her Jump Start)!

Look who promoted!

Andrea Cathcart, Lead Stylist (in her Jump Start)!

My Thoughts to You...

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May is a great month of reflection. We're right in the middle of Spring, in the middle of Q2, and it's a nice pause to stop and assess where you are and where you're going. Stop. Look at the street signs. Are you on the right path? Are you where you planned to be? How do you feel?

This exercise was a little painful for me! I had an "aha" that I am not where I need to be on my goal timeline by mid-year. It was that moment where you have to decide -

1. Give up on the goal?

2. Move the timeline?

3. Or buckle down, laser focus, work harder and make up for lost time to reach the goal?

It's not always an easy answer! I've been rolling it over in my head for a couple of days, trying to decide what to do. For me, it just seems like there's really no other alternative. I MUST go for it, I MUST buckle down, and give it 100% in order to reach my Hoopla goal. Because I hate the pain of regret. And 6 weeks of really hard work and moving big mountains is exactly what I need right now. It will feel really good!

So where are you? Feeling good? Feeling discouraged? Need a partner to help you? Please reach out and let's reach our Big, Hairy Audacious Goals together! I am so motivated to avoid the "pain of regret". If I can help you in any way, please reach out. I'll need YOU too!

Cheers, ladies!

With gratitude,


Angelyn Horrell, Stella & Dot Associate Director

I'm your team leader, I"m here to help YOU! Please reach out to me if you would like extra support!