Educational and Pro Requirements

Brief Overview

Educational Requirements

  • Major and Minor
  • Major with General Anthropology Concentration
  • Major with Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology Concentration
  • Anthropology Major before 2006

Professional Requirements

There are no professional requirements.

Top University in Oregon for Anthropology

Oregon State University
  • Location is Corvallis, Oregon
  • Some info about city is that it was founded on January 29, 1857. It doesn't get to cold in the winter and doesn't get to hot in the summer.
  • Some fun things to do in Corvallis is the Da Vinci Days, Fall Corvallis Festival, art along the Riverfront Commemorative Park.
Info About Oregon State University

  • Anthropology Students can go for MA or PhD.
  • Student to teacher ratio is 21:1
  • Cost per year is $30,586

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Top Community College in Oregon for Anthropology

Central Oregon Community College
  • Location is Central Oregon
  • Some info about the area is it gets 300 days of sun a year and is nice the other 65.
  • Some fun things to do in the city is Smith Rock State Park, Skiing, Snowboarding
Info about Central Oregon Community College
  • Students can learn about multiple fields of anthropology like Physical Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology.
  • Student to Teacher Ratio is 25:1
  • $115 per credit
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Top University in Country for Anthropology

Harvard University

  • Location is Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Some info about the city is that it is part of the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts, and was founded in 1630.
  • Some fun things to do are sporting events, water activities, world class museums.
Info About Harvard University

  • Student to teacher ratio 7:1
  • Cost per year is $37,576

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