Tipping Point

Salesman (80-88)

Salesman can not be resisted on some level!!

"They know when the crowds are with them, literally in synchrony with them, in movements and nods and stillness in moments of attention." It is a strange thing to admit, because I didn't want to be drawn in. I was on guard against it. But the essence of Salesman is that ON SOME LEVEL THEY CAN NOT BE RESISTED.

Salesman are "senders".

Senders have special personalities. They can have enormous amount of over people. Some of us, after all are very good at expressing their emotions and feelings. which. means that we are far more emotionally contagious than the rest of us. Psychologist call these people "Senders"

Motor Mimicry

There is another more specific dimension of this. when two people talk they don't just fall into physical and aural harmony. They also engage in what is called Motor Mimicry.