Born 2 Be Wild

By: Heather Hunt, remember whats wild stays in the wild.

A real life story about a girl who decided to have a python as a pet!

In 2012, Lehighton, PA, a 3-foot long pet ball python bit a four-year old child on the chest while she was playing with the snake. The family decapitated the snake to get it off of the child. One snake tooth was stuck on the skin. Beside the python involved in this incident, the family own three other pythons and two corn snakes

Dangers of keeping exotic pets

Dangers to animals.. Do you really want to hurt innocent animals?

Most people that keep an exotic pet can't really find the right care for it and the exotic pet will end up dying. Some animals can also get diseases from humans! Exotic pet owners are unaware of the best diets for their animals. He says that some exotic animals,can come down with “relatively severe sclerosis (which is a disease due to poor nutrition) Think do you really want to hurt these animals?

Dangers to people from keeping exotic animals.. You probably don't want an exotic pet!

Many exotic animals such as apes, lions, tigers, snakes etc. can kill or hurt you just for example a snake can poison you lions could eat you and apes could attack and infect you. It can affect human public health you can get bit or a nasty infected scratch.they can give you disease.

Legal and Illegal

legal and illegal

There isn't just one big law on keeping exotic pets.

  • 20 states have a ban on a private ownership of exotic pets
  • 9 of 50 states have a partial ban on keeping an exotic pet
  • 12 states require the owner of the exotic pet to have a license or permit or it is illegal
  • 9 states you don't have to have a permit or license but you can have one.
If i were you don't keep an exotic pet you could get in big trouble.

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Impact on the environment

Some animals are extinct because of exotic pets..

A big affect will happen to our environment will affect plants because when animals die they decompose and when they decompose they make fertilizer for plants to grow and with no fertilizer no plants growing!

Many animals will become extinct. Once most animals are extinct what are the other animals that are living going to feed on for example: if all the fish are gone what will bears eat?

You can ask well what do the numbers say?

  1. There has been 75 deaths to animals from 1990- 2011 They are listed below:
  2. 21 big cat deaths! That includes, lion,tiger,mountain lion, cheetah.
  3. There has been 18 deaths to poor innocent reptiles.
  4. 14 deaths to elephants, to Elephants!
  5. Also 4 deaths to bears, Black bears and brown bears.
  6. 2 marine deaths, whales, dolphins, etc.
  7. To other animals there has been 16 deaths!
All this has happened just from 1990-2011 just because people want an exotic pet!
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You can also ask what do the experts say?

Vogel says, “You might be thinking well dogs were once animals in the wild too. True, but experts predict that it took thousands of years before dogs were domesticated; they thrive in the presence of humans. But exotic animals aren't like Aladdin's pet monkey Abu; they aren't meant to be around people.”

Now that just proves something true, dogs were wild at one point but they are meant as a pet do you think of a tiger as a pet? No.

Remember, whats wild stays in the wild.